Whether you're looking for a house in the countryside, a flat or just a room to rent in Stockholm - we have a wide range of property rentals to choose from. Use the text box to search rentals in cities, such as Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, or other areas you are looking to rent in. Choose a monthly rent cap and adjust the number of rooms and area to find a home that suits your budget and needs.

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Islandsgatan, Uppsala

Klangs gränd 5

Hagagatan, Stockholm

Klangs gränd 5

Ljusterögatan, Stockholm

Gullrands väg 147, 145 64

Klangs gränd 5

Segloravägen, Borås

Dalhemsvägen 16, 269 36

Klangs gränd 5

Gyllengatan, Malmö

Kungsgatan 93, 753 18

Klangs gränd 5

Landbovägen, Bro

Stålbogavägen 34, 124 56

Klangs gränd 5

Turebergs allé, Sollentuna

Tegelbruksvägen 25, 149 92